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Welcome to the Unicorns' website. For anyone who is not in our alliance, Unicorns is an alliance on Jade Dynasty. We currently have four clans, Sanctums, CnD, DEI, and Kawaii. If you play Jade Dynasty and would like to join our alliance or join one of our clans please PM Athanatos, LegendA, Maozen, or KatonHunt. Our current Marshall is me (Maozen), our Warlord is LegendA, and our Captain is Athanatos.

Note: Some of us are currently enrolled in school and are really busy we are not logged on 24/7

DEI News: I kick people every 10 days who haven't been lvling or haven't been on, so if you aren't going to be on for a while please let me know so i don't kick you.
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Maozen42, Apr 15, 12 5:22 PM.
Kawaii has joined our alliance, we welcome you and hope you enjoy being part of our alliance.


Maozen42, Apr 9, 12 7:21 PM.
I've noticed lately that our alliance is pretty dead. Most of the time I'm the only one on. You can use your esper and do sleepless quests while you're at school/work or sleeping one you get past lvl 60, so please use invigorate so we have people on.


Maozen42, Apr 9, 12 7:01 PM.
Please donate to our alliance. Just go to the alliance master in sunstream and chose what provisions you want to donate. Also I have to buy stones to upgrade the alliance so if you can donate some gold I would appreciate it.


Maozen42, Apr 9, 12 6:59 PM.
Welcome to our alliance!


Maozen42, Apr 4, 12 6:35 PM.
CnD has join our alliance. CnD is an alt. clan that Legend made for us.
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